About Us....


Indiana Zipline Tours, Inc.

will offer you a thrill of a lifetime fit for all ages 3 to 103.

Nestled just outside of Crawfordsville, Indiana and minutes from Turkey Run and Shades State Parks.  Our treetop, canopy tour consist of 8 Ziplines, 1 Swinging bridge and Indiana's only suppended platforms that hang from the tree's!

Designed and build with nature in mind, our ziplines are eco-friendly and the most user friendly zipline around with No Towers to climb!

Come and enjoy your exciting zipline adventure with NO highway noise, NO parking lots to see and PLENTY OF NATURE!

                    We welcome kids of all ages! 


At Indiana Zipline Tours, we DO NOT have a MINIMUM WEIGHT requirements like you'll find at other zipline companies.  Our zipline canopy tour is an adult zipline course, our staff has been specially trained to work with small children to ensure the safest ride for each and every one.  So bring the whole family....from the preschooler to the great-grandparent! 

*  Weight limit is 275 lbs. (we do weigh each guest at check In * Strongly enforced)



            We've got your back and your gear!


From the first time zipper to the most seasoned fanatic you will find that we've got your back!   Our friendly and experienced guides will harness you in our specialized gear, fit you for your helmet and gloves than you'll be off to the first "beginner cable" where you'll receive instructions on how to brake and ride our ziplines.  Our new Brakehawk system allows each individual to control their own speed while zipping, no whiplash effect here!  With the Brakehawk your hand pulls down and engages a brake pad without any impact on your body. 



                        The best zipline around!


At Indiana Zipline Tours, we'll offer you a true treetop canopy zipline experience!  Our tour consist of 8 ziplines, 1 swinging bridge, a few scenic walks and Indiana's only suspended platforms hanging in the trees!  Designed and built with nature in mind you'll fly like a bird over a mile of zipline cable, ranging from 150' to 2000'.....Indiana's longest zipline! 

So, don't settle for just a zipline.....come to Indiana Zipline Tours, Inc for the FULL EXPERIENCE!

Tour Times:

10 am

12 pm

2 pm

4 pm

Spring Hours:

Thurs -Sunday

It is required to arrive 30 minutes prior to scheduled tour time.

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* All Tours go out on the hour       * Arrive 30 minutes before your tour time     * Reservations recommended      * Walk-in's welcome

© 2013 by Indiana Zipline Tours, Inc..  All Rights Reserved               *  Hours & Times subject to change without notice