Rock Climbing Wall

Our Portable Rock Wall is 24 feet high, has 3 climbing levels of difficulty, and fit for all ages.  The climber uses a harness and climbs up the rock wall using handholds while secured with a safety line that is self-belaying (it automatically lowers the climber as they descend from the top of the wall).

Race to the top, ring the buzzer and self-belay to the bottom! 

Holds 3 riders, Minimum weight 40lbs -Maximum 250lbs per rider

On-Site attraction!

Climbing up our rockwall, and ringing the buzzer is a great accomplishment so why not give it a try! 

Race your friends to the top and see who can conquer the wall first!

$5.00 per person

No reservations needed

On-Site at Zipline

When available, first come first serve

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Indiana Zipline Tours Rockwall & Rental